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    Those for gun control had a negative reaction to the senate’s new measures on gun control. The polls have shown that most people wouldn’t say they were angry over this policy but just disappointed. If people want guns but can’t have them, then they will have no way of defending themselves in the need of a dire situation, while wrong people will be able to get guns illegally.

    People that are happy about this gun control policy look more on the fact of gun rights instead of background checks. “Slightly more than 1 in 4 non-college-educated whites said they were “very happy” about the outcome of the gun vote, making them one of the groups most likely to say that.” But the gun debate will stir up more trouble for white democrats without a college education.

    Whether or not to control the ownership of guns within the U.S. is a highly debated issue. Whatever policy Obama puts in place will make people upset. Polls have shown that most people can mostly agree on keeping guns if the background check on guns are thorough. I think they should make it legal to own guns but just make the background check thorough. This will make the majority of people content, so they do not have to worry about people owning illegal guns.

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    The veto for the gun bill seemed like just a bump in the road for the democratic party, but it might not be that simple. The way that the polling came out it seemed that the democratic party might have been stirred enough to push this through in the near future. But in recent polls that passion has been called into question in how bad the democratic people want this bill to pass.

    The Republicans passion however is no question. In these recent polls it seems that the Republican party has “the kind of strong feelings that build political campaigns mostly lay on the pro-gun side of the debate.” This side of the party finds a lot more passion on this topic and that will help them to keep fighting with fervor, for this not to come to fruition.

    I see this in a different way. Because I believe in a Biblical Worldview people that tell me to leave my religion out of my politics are misinformed because my worldview effects the way I see everything. I see this as one of two things. One is that this is an attempt to bandage the violence in America, or a way of slowly disarming America so they will slowly submit more and more until all freedom and liberty is lost. This will not fix the problem, I believe that legal gun ownership is a great benefit to the community in the fact that it should help lower crime and violence. I do feel passionate about this because if these rights are taken away then the American public is defenseless, and that is a scary place to be.

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    The ongoing debate of gun control is draining and seems never-ending. Put simply, Republicans want guns and Democrats want strict rules on guns. During the recent poll, the tension between the two parties grew rather than brought them together. The poll was taken about the general rules of gun control and background checks. Democrats seemed to split their votes. Some strongly believe in this and others are more absent minded when it comes to the topic.

    Republicans want their guns. They want to protect and be protected. Republicans will not let their freedoms go hence the ongoing debate over gun control. The split between the Democrats, however, could potentially help the Republican party during the next election.

    I do not think we should have our freedoms taken away. I do however think a background check should be down on every individual who purchases a gun/weapon. I do not think individuals should be allowed to have an open carry permit. This can lead to danger and immature violence. I think the people who have gone out to buy a gun since President Obama took office, are immature and simply doing it to prove a point. They are not buying the guns for protection, rather standing up to the government. Protect your family and your home, just don’t be immature about it.

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    As the article said, generally the views on gun control differ between the two main political parties of the democrats and republicans. You can see a clear distinction between the two. Normally, the democrats tend to support more gun control. President Obama said several times that 90% of Americans support background checks. However, in a recent poll the statistics showed that most of the strong feelings on the issue lie on the anti-gun control side, and not the pro-gun control, generally democratic, side. When the bill fell through, more people said they were happy about the Senate’s action than those who were angry. It seems to me that the democrats are hoping that even though they are losing in the short term, in the long term they will be able to conjure up a win with this issue. But, although the Pew poll showed that there was a large support for background checks, only 50% of the voters stressed the importance of a higher priority going to gun control than protecting the rights of gun owners.

    As I mentioned earlier, it seems to be that republicans are more supportive of protecting the rights of gun owners and having less gun control than the Democrats are. More people seem to be supportive of the bill not being passed in the Senate. It is projected that the way the nation is splitting on the issue of gun control could have an affect on the next vote. It is believed that the gun rights side has more people with strong feelings on the issue. However, people in the Northeast showed more of an anger towards the bill not being passed. Generally, it seems as thought the republican party has been losing ground in the Northeast, and the Northeast’s strong stance for more gun control may only further that problem for the Republican party. However, a poll also showed that the Republicans may gain a bit in voting because at least 1 in 4 non-college-educated whites said they were really happy about the outcome of the vote.

    My view:
    I understand the importance of increasing safety measures and awareness, but there is a fine line between that and completely taking away our right to own a gun. And, the fact that many of the front runners campaigning for more gun controls are from larger cities is something that really bothers me. Discussing gun issues for families who live in rural areas is a completely different story than discussing it for someone who lives in downtown Chicago. If the government were to ban all guns, then that would leave them with all the power and leave the nation defenseless. Regardless, humans are flawed and sinful. We can try to put as many bans and restrictions as we want, but the true issue lies much deeper than gun control. The violent use of guns is only a symptom showing up on the surface. The disease causing it lies deep within the fibers of our being and can be traced back to the fall of man. And, even the laws passed already to help prevent the abuse of firearms have already failed. In the most recent shootings, the gun control laws already in place were seemingly easily broken by simply using their mom’s gun or stealing one. But regardless, it’s important to think about the big picture with this issue. Suppose all guns were banned from the public. I believe the “bad guys” would still find a way to have a gun, leaving the “good guys” defenseless. The right to bear arms is a constitutional right I have that I do not intend to ever back down or give in on.

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    What seems to be like a loss for the Democratic party initially, may not be a loss long term. The ones who are pleased about the bill are civilians that were already leaving the “Democratic side” in the first place. Which obviously is not putting a dent in the Democratic momentum anyway. Only time will show how Americans will respond to the gun bill.

    Republicans feel very strongly about what gun rights should be. It is clear Republicans believe Americans should be armed at their own safety. It doesn’t seem that the results have deterred them from continuing to fight for their side.

    This bill seemed pretty absurd to me at first. “Why would you want to take safety away from innocent Americans?” I understand Obama wants to lower crime rate; at least I think that is why he is doing this. However, those who use guns in dangerous ways now won’t listen to some gun bill anyway. At that point innocent Americans won’t be protected at all. Which I believe will equal to not only a higher crime rate, but mortality rate. Also, maybe a stretch, but if America ever happened to be invaded or anything, civilians will need to be able to protect themselves. Again that is a stretch, but a real possibility. I Hope the Republicans are able to push the envelope and get the Democrats to come around.

  6. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politicsnow/la-pn-congress-passes-faa-fix-20130426,0,3929877.story

    Last Friday, the House passed a piece of legislation that required a stop to furlough (time off without pay) for the air-traffic controllers of airports. The bill was named “Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013” and has caused tension between politicians.

    The legislation was introduced by Tom Latham, who is a Republican from Iowa, in an attempt to make up lost wages that were needed to pay for the air-traffic controllers. He believed that the administration has, “played shameful politics with sequestration at the expense of hard-working American families” and that something needed to be done.

    There were a couple of responses from Democrats like Jay Carney, the presidents press secretary. Jay responded to the press that the president would sign the bill, but also criticized Congress as well for not taking action to, “shield students, government employees and others” from the effect of the budget cuts. Another top Democrat, Steny Hoyer, said that the bill basically failed to deal with other pressing issues and that it didn’t help anybody else in the process.

    I believe that the bill should help in some ways. The main reason to pass the bill was to lower the time of flight delays or end them permanently. If this is the case, I think it was a useful bill, although it still has it’s downsides. I think Hoyer’s remark seemed a bit irrelevant regarding the FAA. “the bill failed to deal with other fallout from the $85-billion cuts” he said. It does seem, though, that this wouldn’t even put a dent in the debt we are in, but I do believe it was important because of how essential air travel is to Americans.

  7. The recent gun control bill that got vetoed in the Senate seemed like a problem for the Democratic party, but in reality it may have been the boost they needed to get more passion from the bill’s supporters so that it could get passed in the future. The majority of Democrats feel that there should be stronger controls on guns, especially stronger background checks.

    The majority of people who support gun rights were said to be “very happy” about the decision made in the Senate. People on the pro gun rights side of the argument have much more passion in the subject because it’s their rights who are being threatened. What I think a lot of people on this side of the argument are misunderstanding is that this bill is really just saying that there should be stronger background checks on people who are looking into buying guns, not so much that they want all their rights to be taken away.

    I personally see the side to both arguments. It’s hard to just sit back and do nothing after tragedies like Sandy Hook, and Aurora, Colorado happen. But is more government involvement, and stricter rules really going to make a difference? The reality is that most criminals who plan to use guns for harm aren’t going to play by the rules anyways. But I don’t see the problem with implementing more thorough background checks, after all, if you have a clean record what do you have to hide? I feel like the President and the people trying to pass the bill mean well, I just don’t know if it’s the solution we’re looking for.

  8. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    Last week the recent gun control bill was turned down in the Senate. The Majority of the Democrats were not very happy about this they were said to be “angry”. They think that there should be more rules and regulations to go along with owning a gun. They feel strongly about people getting background check; basically the Democrats want to control everything about the guns.

    The republicans feel different about the gun control topic. Republican view on gun control is very happy that the bill was vetoed. They feel that their rights are being questioned and they feel that they have a right to own a gun and defend themselves.

    Personally I think that we should be able to have our own guns and be able to defend ourselves if necessary. I think that background checks could be a good thing but then there is always those people who will go around the system and then there will have to be more laws and other rules. That just means more government involvement which I don’t think is a good thing either.

  9. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    The Democratic party seemed to have lost a small battle with the veto of the stricter gun control bill. But with all the hype about gun control as of late, it’s becoming a very close debate. Democrats want more strict control over guns and tighter background checks. The Democratic party seem to be split about how passionate they are about this topic. They’ll need to figure that out if they want to win on this debate.

    Republicans have always been very pro-gun. They are all about the rights of the American. And protecting the home. All the hype about how dangerous guns seem to just prove their point of needing protection and the power to protect. Their zeal for pro-gun could make it very hard for the democrats to compete with them.

    To be honest I don’t really like this topic. I’m sure I don’t know enough and again I feel there should be a good balance of both sides. But I get very tired with Republicans that are all crazy about pro-guns. I definitely think it should be harder to get a gun as apposed to it being easier to get a gun. Even with good intentions, guns are dangerous. Stricter background checks don’t seem like a horrible idea. I do understand the protecting your family thing. I just don’t like when people are all excited about guns and the prospect of actually using them. I’m not saying it’s wrong necessarily.

  10. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    The recent gun control bill was turned down in the Senate last week. Democrats were among those who felt “angry” about the Senate’s decision. This small defeat has only fueled the passion of the Democrats, who want stricter rules and policies on guns and tighter background checks. Not only have the Democrats taken a small blow, but they have also been somewhat split through the vote.

    The Republicans are equally passionate about this topic. Republicans are all for protecting the rights of American citizens to carry a gun and to protect the family. I would say Republicans are very pro-gun. If this small split in the Democrats continues to deepen, it could open up an opportunity for the Republicans.

    I think it is important for Americans to have the right to carry a gun. I also think it is a good idea to have more strict background checks. It’s important to know who you are issuing licenses to and who are carrying guns. I think it’s hard to find a satisfying compromise or the “right answer” to this topic because while some are smart enough and mature in knowing when and how to handle a gun, you will always have people that mistreat and abuse that power.

  11. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    Put most simply, Democrats want more Gun Control. They also would like to see more background checks being done. This has become a heavily debated topic more recently and will continue to be heavily debated. The Democrats would argue that there are a large amount of deaths due to gun violence and it needs to come to an end.

    Republicans however, want their right to bear arms. They are creating a lot of push back on the control bills that the government is trying to pass. Republicans believe in the rights of the everyday American. They were very happy with the bill being veto’d.

    I would tend to lean more towards the republican opinion. Both parties have very valid points but I would argue for less restrictions on gun ownership. I definitely don’t think everyone needs a gun but media has shown a need for protection these days. The Democrats argue that there is too much violence as is, however, how is someone supposed to protect themselves if they don’t have a weapon. I think that gun ownership should not be too heavily restricted but I would say that the background checks aren’t a bad idea.

  12. Those who are for the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform are mainly Democratic. In this article, the supporting view is shown through Marco Rubio, the leading conservative voice in the Gang of Eight. His main contention is that forcing all illegal immigrants to go through the process of becoming a legal citizen would be economically foolish. He postulates that during the 13-14 years that it would take to become a legal citizen, illegal immigrants would be paying less taxes and receiving more aid than they would be if they had become legal citizens in a shorter amount of time.

    In this article, the opposing view is shown by Jim DeMint, Rubio’s mentor. Mr. DeMint has always been an opposer of immigration reform. In 2007, DeMint “was instrumental in helping to kill legislation to overhaul the nation’s immigration system.” In a blog post, he called the proposed bill “legislated amnesty.” DeMint is saying that if we were to have a fast track to citizenship for illegal immigrants, they would end up receiving more government aid than the taxes that they would have to pay.

    I side with Mr. DeMint in that if illegal immigrants were to become legal citizens of the US, they would “mooch” off of the government more than they would give back. On top of that, the cost of actually instating the people would be high. 11 million immigrants is a lot of people to register and book. I think the better way would be to make them receive legal status in the fair and just way, even if it takes over ten years.

  13. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    Republicans: The Republicans are very pro-guns, and they have a lot of force behind them and a lot of people who feel strongly about it. They don’t want to compromise the freedom to bear arms in any way, and they are strongly against any freedoms being taken away.

    Democrats: The Democrats want stricter gun control, and more rules and regulations regarding the ownership of guns. Most people, parties aside, support background checks for those who own guns. The Democratic party seems divided in their thinking on where they stand with gun control. They may pull off a win in the long run though, even though they fell through temporarily.

    I think that it is important to regulate who owns a gun and to be aware. Safety and precautions are important, but I think that owning a gun is a right that is important and can’t simply be taken away. Passing the bill doesn’t do much to prevent people who want guns for harmful purposes from getting one anyway, it only makes it harder on the innocent people. I think making it harder to buy a gun is not a bad thing, as long as it isn’t unrealistic for the average citizen to buy a gun.

  14. Mr. Demint has an economic mind on the issue. He believes “that unauthorized immigrants, who he said would ultimately take out more in federal benefits than they would pay in taxes, would be a drain on the economy. ” However with the senate legislature, it would take 13 years before an illegal immigrant could qualify for federal benefits. There was also a study done saying that it would cost taxpayers 2.5 trillion dollars for an immigration overhaul.

    Mr. Rubio is pushing back on the economic argument “saying that the public benefits of an immigration overhaul would outweigh any concerns about cost.” Mr. Rubio said that most immigrants, “once they become legalized and improve their lives, they’ll be better. In essence, they’ll pay more in taxes because they’ll be making more.”

    I’m not sure how I feel about it. I feel like both positions make sense in a way. Part of me agrees with Mr. Rubio that if they will improve their lives by becoming legal, it will help our country. Also it just doesn’t seem very fair to me to say that it doesn’t matter that you came here illegally, to help our country we’re going to let you stay instead. I feel like it should be done the right way to be able to live here, but I also know that there are a lot of other factors involved as well. Part of me agrees with Mr. Demint as well, that once they do become citizens, there is a possibility of people taking advantage of welfare.

  15. “Seeking to end flight delays that jammed airports nationwide, the House approved legislation Friday that will stop the furlough of air-traffic controllers, sending the bill to President Obama.” This bill was easier passed by Congress, however, there was pointing of fingers on the who was to blame for the sequester cuts. Jay Carney, from the Democratic party, was upset with Congress, because they were “not taking steps to shield students, government employees and others from the effect of the budget cuts.”

    The Republicans also had similar concerns. Tom Latham, a Representative, stated while introducing the bill, “The administration has played shameful politics with sequestration at the expense of hard-working American families, we’re taking this step because of the gross mismanagement.”

    It seems that both parties were against the passing of this bill. It is using funds that would be more beneficial in other areas. Although each party would prefer to use the money in a different way, it is true that the funds in this bill could be allocated better.

  16. The Republicans want guns and Democrats want strict rules on guns. The recent poll caused tension between the two parties. The poll was taken about the general rules of gun control and background checks. Democrats split their votes. Some strongly believe in this and others are more absent minded when it comes to the topic.

    Republicans want there to be guns. They want to protect and be protected. Republicans will not let their freedoms go hence the ongoing debate over gun control. The split between the Democrats, however, could potentially help the Republican party during the next election.

    I do not think we should have our freedoms taken away. I do however think a background check should be down on every individual who purchases a gun. I do not think individuals should be allowed to have an open carry permit because it can lead to danger and immature violence. Also, it will cause problems in public with people’s “sense of safety.” Guns are needed to protect yourself. Without them their will be a higher murder rate because criminals know how to get them from the black market. If you take them out of the stores then we, U.S. citizens, will have no way of getting access to them. We will be doomed.

  17. Republicans are against gun control and have succeeded so far in keeping gun rights due to failure in the Senate to pass bills against gun rights.. Republicans feel the less government the better and gun rights falls under that category. Gun rights is a freedom under the 2nd amendment that we have had for a long time and they think we should hang on to that freedom.

    Democrats on the other hand want more gun control and more background checks. They are the ones fighting the uphill battle trying to get bills passed through the Senate which has failed so far. The democrats motive for more gun control comes with the assumption that less guns means less violence. Although with their recent loss in the Senate their vote seems to be partially split.

    I lean more towards the Republican side on this issue because of the fact that criminals do not obey laws. If you take our guns away how can we defend ourselves because the only ones without the guns will be the law abiding citizens. I believe in background checks and things of that nature but taking away our guns just leaves us defenseless. Gun rights is a privilege we’ve had for a long time and I believe we should keep our right to bear arms.

  18. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    Conservative Americans tend to be very passionate about their guns. They understand how important they are, and how important the right itself is. The media, which is generally liberal, expected citizens for gun control to be outraged by the recent failure, however, they were not the ones who harbored the strong feelings. The republicans reacted with stronger joy than the democrats reacted with anger.

    This shows that the republican party is more passionate about the issue, and are more willing to work for it. The debate was based around the tragedy in connecticut, but the democratic party seems to have almost moved on, while the republicans are still afraid of losing their rights. It has once again become a strictly political debate, will we loose the rights that the second amendment gave us?

    I believe that we should not lose the rights of the second amendment. The supreme court needs to step up and do their job to reinforce the constitution. Politicians in general tend to try and find loopholes around the constitution. This has to stop.

  19. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story
    On the topic of gun control, democrats are pushing for stricter rules on guns. The democrats are almost split by the number of democrats who want stricter rules to the number who don’t really care and are indifferent.

    Republicans on the other hand are very passionate on their stand against gun control. The republican party stands together against the democratic party where as the democrats are nearly split by their views.

    I don’t think Obama means wrong when he wants to place stricter rules on gun freedom. I think he is coming from a good place and he isn’t some communist, like what people like to say. But I have to agree with the republican party in the sense that it won’t effect the crime rate. People are going to break laws no matter what, for any law not just guns. And on the same note, people are going to do evil in other ways without guns, for example the boston bombing.

  20. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    Last week, the new gun bill was defeated and now the Democrats are very upset about it. This has split the Democratic and Republican parties even farther apart because of the different views on the matter. The Democrats want a lot more gun control. They think there should be a lot more rules and regulations for people to own guns. They think the bill defeated will only be a temporary road block and they will one day win the vote.

    The Republicans don’t believe the bill should be passed at all. They believe that people have the right to bear arms and that shouldn’t be changed. They are passionate about the subject as well the Democrats and don’t believe any freedoms should be taken away from the American people.

    I think that there should definitely be rules and regulations about owning a gun and gun control, but the right to own a gun should not be taken away. I see both sides to the argument, but overall I agree more with the Republicans. Making more laws won’t stop violence and people will still find ways to break them. There should some laws that make it harder to buy a gun, but American citizens should have the right to own one.

  21. Supporters of gun control argue: The widespread availability of firearms has made it easier for criminals to get firearms. Access to guns must be made more difficult if shooting deaths are to be reduced; gun violence will continue to be a problem if gun ownership is not controlled. Advocates of tighter gun control laws argue that lax regulations play a major role in such shootings as the ones that victimized Giffords in Tucson and led to the death of Martin in Florida. The government can regulate the sale of firearms without violating the Second Amendment.

    Opponents of gun control argue: The vast majority of people in the United States who use or buy guns are law-abiding citizens. They buy guns for sport or for protection. Curtailing Americans’ rights to bear arms is a violation of the Second Amendment. Critics argue that lawmakers should not rush to implement more restrictive gun control measures in the wake of high-profile shootings. Legislators use such tragedies, they claim, to play on people’s anxieties about the seemingly irrational acts of gun violence committed by disturbed people to push through new regulations. Placing strict regulations on gun ownership will only benefit criminals by disarming those who are potential victims.

    My personal opinion: I think that limiting gun supply and making them less available will not help diminish gun violence. Like the opponents of gun control I don’t believe that taking away guns will help with the issue main because criminals aren’t going to give up their guns. Hypothetically if we were able to remove all of the guns then people abusing the use of guns would find something else to use for destructive purposes. Ex: Bombing in Boston.


  22. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    It has become very apparent that the gun control debate is a showdown between republicans and democrats. The veto on the bill put a block in the road for democrats. The republicans seem very passionate about letting the people keep their guns. The men who started this country were very passionate about the citizens holding their guns because that is how they won their freedom. Democratic passion lacks compared to the republican they have their minds on other things.

    It has become apparent that the democrats realize they would lose this battle with the republicans straight up. The democrats seem to only become passionate about gun control laws when a national disaster occurs so that they can use in their benefit

    I sincerely believe that gun control laws should not be put in place. The citizens and their guns is a symbol of America. The fathers of our country would be disgusted that we were even considering this. Yes their are some pros to having gun control laws, but the pros don’t even out the cons. For one a reason why many countries are scared to death about invading us is because not only do they have to fight the greatest military in the world, but also all the citizens and their guns. That alone should be a good enough argument alone for not having gun control laws. Citizens and their guns provide another line of defense for our country.

  23. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/politicsnow/la-pn-congress-passes-faa-fix-20130426,0,3929877.story

    Flight Delays

    Republicans accuse the administration of gross mismanagement. The cuts that precipitated the difficulties that this new bill is trying to remedy were originally proposed for by Republicans. Republicans demanded budget cuts last year, and having failed to reach an agreement with Democrats, the cuts went into place. Top Republicans accuse the administration of “shameful politics” at the expense of hard-working citizens.

    Democrats claim that the “stopgap measure” bill has failed to deal with other fallouts” such as “such as protecting children in Head Start preschools, seniors who rely on Meals on Wheels food deliveries and others who have lost federal services.” Obama’s administration has been heavily criticized since the budget cuts took place March 1. Democrats, equally to blame for no agreement being reached, now seem to over-criticize Republicans.

    I don’t think we should kid ourselves into thinking that such horrible financial conditions can be “worked out” without our nation paying a price for it. Airlines are losing millions of dollars and passengers are forced to wait a couple of hours longer. However, I don’t think it’s good form to pass legislation fully aware of the potential consequences, only to create new legislation to ease the difficulty when those consequences are actually felt. If the highest price we have to pay for our careless debt accumulation is a few months of flight delays, I’d consider us blessed.

  24. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    Since the failure of several bills that were proposed in the Senate (bills that would make it essentially “harder” for a normal civilian to get their hands on a gun), Democrats have largely remained hopeful that public outcry would sway the current circumstances in their favor. However, this is not the case, because a current pole reveals that apparently more people were happy with gun-control bills not passing in the Senate.

    The Republican party has been much more vocal about the issue, which many think is why the bills in the Senate didn’t pass. Even outnumbered (on more subjects than just gun-control) in overall opinion, Republican passion tends to burn out much slower than Democratic fervor.

    Honestly, I’m not too concerned about an increase in background checks when the issue pertains to guns. However, I don’t think that background checks are a long-term fix to our nation’s current problems. I found it very interesting that even though technically outnumbered, Republicans tended to have a much more “direct” impact on the failure of the gun-control bills in the Senate. Then again, powerful Republican passion is no news to me.

  25. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    As the bill for gun control has been denied within the senate it has given the Democrats a little bit of an obstacle in the road for gun control in the US. Even though this has slowed down the process for the bill it has not slowed down the parties momentum for gun control in a long term perspective, if anything it has motivated them even more to get this bill passed in the senate.

    Even though the bill for gun control was denied in the senate most Republicans feel “very unhappy” about the what is being addressed, but more less this has also motivated them and will give them a strong push to keep what we already have. Republicans say that this gun control issue would be taking away their rights of an American citizen.

    In my opinion I do believe that as an American we have the right to bear arms, either for recreational use or to protect ourselves. But I also believe that there needs to be a strong control on how a person would go about obtaining one, this would include stronger background checks. Either way I believe we have the right to own a gun but there also should be more difficult regulations.

  26. The democratic party is in favor of more laws and background checks for gun control. They believe these things will help end gun violence. Although the most recent law did not pass, democrats hope that this will light a fire under those who support high gun control policies. The split in their vote led to their downfall in passing the bill.

    Republicans are in favor of keeping their guns. They believe in the right of being able to protect themselves by owning a gun. So far republicans have been able to keep this right. The split in the democratic vote in this last bill has been in the republican party’s favor.

    I believe that stricter gun policies will not solve our problems. Criminals are criminals because they break laws. If someone wants to get their hand on a gun they will be able to. The 2nd amendment was established because our original law makers thought it was something important. We are lucky that we are able to protect ourselves with this right.

  27. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    Republicans absolutely refuse to enforce gun control in the way that the Democrats want. They want to keep firearms in the hands of those who want them. They are not trying to force them on anyone who doesn’t want them. Yet the Democrats feel the need to strip us of our weapons.

    Democrats want to take our weapons and make America a “safer” place. That won’t ever happen though. They say that they truly are trying to do what’s best for us but I can’t see how that is true. Obama, and every other Democrat ties every single school shooting and every disaster to gun control. That can never be a fair statement.

    I obviously love my guns and will never willingly give them up. I think it’s the worst idea that could possibly happen. Guns are not to blame for peoples death. Guns are not responsible for violence. If i want to kill someone badly enough, I will do it with any object I can get my hands on. I think that this is one step in the right direction for us to lose our guns all together. When Hitler was starting his whole killing spree, one of the first things he did was that he took away the defense of the Jew’s and people he was planning on killing. They had no way of defending themselves or their families. And no I’m not saying Obama is going to turn into Hitler. History repeats itself.

  28. http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-gun-vote-poll-20130425,0,5492450.story

    It has come to the point where no one can agree on the gun control issue. Democrats are against guns at this point, and Obama has been trying to cut off sale of guns. The democrats are trying to control the violence that has been happening recently by not letting people buy guns. The tragedies happening in the last few months involving guns have made it obvious that violence with guns have been a reoccurring problem, but is cutting off all people from guns the answer?

    Republicans are all for citizens having guns and being able to protect themselves. They think the democrats are making it impossible for us to make sure we have safety in our homes, and refuse to listen to their point for trying to stop the violence. The republicans are still going out and buying guns in spite of Obama, just trying to make a point by still purchasing the guns.

    I don’t know what exactly is the answer. I do think that guns are a problem when it comes to terrorism and violent shootings, but I also think we need a way to protect ourselves. All people have ways of getting around rules. Background checks, laws, whatever, people can still buy them illegally and find ways that the government won’t be able to track. If people could sit down and talk it out maybe they could come to an agreement, but right now they’re just trying to do their own thing without listening to the other side.

  29. This is article displays the differences in feelings toward the “gun” issue. The President has been repeating that 90% of the population think there should be stricter background checks. This statement is pretty close to true, 83% said that they support stricter background checks, but when asked on broader terms whether or not they supported gun control vs. gun owners rights it is a much closer race. The split reaction demonstrates that the public did not see this as a specific bill but rather a general one.
    Democrats are pushing for stricter gun control, including background checks. They believe that with these laws there will be reduced gun violence. While the Republicans hold tight to the 2nd amendment that gives Americans the right to bear arms. They believe that increasing gun law will directly interfere with the amendment.
    I am somewhere in the middle. I have a general philosophy of “love not war” but I do believe that we are given the right to bear arms to defend ourselves. I also do not believe that guns mean war and gun violence. I am not opposed to stricter background checks. I actually support that very much. I don’t believe that will solve the problem though. It is not law abiding citizens who break the law it is criminals, who will break the law not matter what it is. I do, however, oppose the idea that the government make stricter laws on whatever they deem dangerous at the moment. Thus, I am borderline undecided.

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