A.J. Gossip – You are flustered and uneasy…


“You are flustered and uneasy.  Feel for the hand of God your Father, and be sure that He is your Father, thinking you with a father’s care, and you will find a hand does close on yours.  Or you are disconcerted that so little comes of all your spiritual strivings.  Turn to the Cross again, and, looking up at it, really take in that it is not upon your own poor efforts and weak will but upon God’s eternal plans and dearest wish you lean and that will rally you.  Or you are baffled and beaten, and it seems no use trying further.  Sink your tired, fretted mind deep down into the infinite deeps of God’s unthinkable majesty and patience and … so you will feel strong walls about you, will find yourself in a cool, sheltered place with your breath come again; better than that, will, like Paul, fling yourself unafraid once more into the fight, knowing that He that is with you is more than all they that can be against you; that through Him you can do all things…”

A.J. Gossip – The Galilean Accent, pg. 60


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