How to Read the Bible – Chapter 4


You guys are great.  You can do it.

Chapter 4 Questions:

  1. What are “hermeneutical questions”?
  2. What is the “big issue” among Christians committed to Scripture?
  3. What are some examples the book gives regarding how one’s own culture dictate what is “common sense”?
  4. What unhelpful questions do students from Arminian and Calvinist circles sometimes ask?
  5. What is “the basic rule”?
  6. What is “the second rule”?
  7. What makes something “a matter of indifference”?
  8. Where do most present-day difficulties lie?
  9. How do we determine which items are culturally relative and which items are “core”?
  10. How does the chapter suggest approaching women’s work in the church and homosexual activity?