Student Surveys Spring 2018



NT Intro – 2


NT Intro – 4


Essentials – 6


Essentials – 7


Essentials – 8



E-Learning – 2/6/18


You’ll be watching these videos (start at 20:00 of Part 1, then watch through 15:00 of Part 2)

the quiz is “The Authority of the Word – Part 3”

NT Intro

You’ll be watching this video on the miracle stories in the New Testament


Ok so, I’m trying something new here.

Let me know if you can use this file.  If you can’t, you can answer questions 11-20 on Study Guide #5 through Moodle.

Don’t worry if you can’t access the video – you won’t need it to answer the Moodle questions.  All you need is Study Guide #5 from Galatians.


E-Learning – 01/08/18


The first thing to do is to make sure that you’re registered for the course.

I think we did this a few days ago, but make sure.


NT Intro:

Essentials (Freshman Bible):

Once you’ve registered, you should work on the “E-Learning 1” post for each of the classes.


You’ll be doing “E-Learning – Quiz 1 – The Authority of the Word

You’ll answer the questions from the audio link listed below:

The Authority of the Word (Part One)

All of the questions will be answered by the 11:30 mark of the video


There are instructions within the quiz, but you’ll be answering questions based on this video:

<p><a href=”″>The Wright Stuff Part II</a> from <a href=””>CPX</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Again, it’s listed as “E-Learning 1”


You’ll be answering questions on the “E-Learning 1” quiz.  The Scriptures that you’ll be looking up are listed in the quiz.

Please feel free to text at 452-8934 with any questions.

Email me at

Enjoy your day!


Study Guide Grading Policy

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Assigned Study Guides are worth 20-25% of my classes total grade and therefore represent a meaningful part of how I evaluate students.

The expectation for the assigned Study Guides is that they are completed independently and without the help of any other student.

Study Guides will be reviewed in class in their entirety and will be graded by each student individually.

If the student gives a good faith (honest and sincere in intention) response to the assigned question, then full credit should be given.

If the student did not complete the assigned question when the question was answered in class then the student should not receive credit for that question.

If the student’s answer is totally inadequate or mostly incomplete then the student should not receive credit for that question.

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