How to Read – Chapter 4


  1. What is the “big issue” for Christians that are committed to Scripture as God’s Word?
  2. What is the “basic rule” when interpreting Scripture?
  3. What is the “second rule”?
  4. What is “the problem of extended application”?
  5. What example does the book give of an issue that has no clear 21st Century counterpart?
  6. What two steps do the authors suggest for non-comparable texts and situations?
  7. Where do most of the present-day difficulties lie when interpreting the Epistles?
  8. Are Paul’s “sin-lists” merely cultural?  Why?  Why not?
  9. How do the book’s authors address the issue of women in church leadership?
  10. How do the book’s authors address the issue of homosexual behavior?




E-Learning – 2/6/18


You’ll be watching these videos (start at 20:00 of Part 1, then watch through 15:00 of Part 2)

the quiz is “The Authority of the Word – Part 3”

NT Intro

You’ll be watching this video on the miracle stories in the New Testament


Ok so, I’m trying something new here.

Let me know if you can use this file.  If you can’t, you can answer questions 11-20 on Study Guide #5 through Moodle.

Don’t worry if you can’t access the video – you won’t need it to answer the Moodle questions.  All you need is Study Guide #5 from Galatians.