OT Intro – Semester Exam (Study Guide Questions)

#1 – 3,10,11,13,17,26

#2 – 7,12,13,16,21,34

#3 – 1,2,20,35

#4 – 1,3,25,27,28,35

#5 – 1,8,9,23,33

#6 – 7,12,20,22

#7 – 1,6,10,19,21

#8 – 4,6,11,20,24

#9 – 3,7,13,19,25

#10 – 6,8,18,23

#11 – 4,16,23

#12 – 1,8,15,23,25,32,36,42,47

#13 – 7,13,18

#14 – 5








OT Intro – Though the Fig Tree Does Not Bud

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Jacopo Guarana 1720 – 1808
Daniel in the Lions’ Den
oil on panel — 1757 Museum Museo Civico, Udine
This work is linked to Bel and the Dragon 1:36
This is the apocryphal version of the story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den. The prophet Habakkuk is told to bring food to Daniel, who is in the lions’ den of Babylon. Habakkuk is willing to help, but he has never been to Babylon. Then an angel takes him by his hair and brings him to the den.
Daniel had been thrown into the den by an angry mob because he had killed the dragon they adored.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

OT Intro – Ravi Zacharias – Though the Fig Tree Does Not Bud – Part One

OT Intro – Ravi Zacharias – Though the Fig Tree Does Not Bud – Part Two

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OT Intro – Numbers, Deuteronomy


OT Intro – ESV Study Bible – Numbers, Deuteronomy

  1. What are some of the features that show the authenticity of the details in the book of Numbers?
  2. What is the purpose of Numbers as a historical work?
  3. How is the issue of “descendants” a key theme in Numbers and the Pentateuch?
  4. How/why are the events in Numbers referenced elsewhere in Scripture?
  5. In what way does Numbers have epic features?
  6. What are some of the problems and solutions to the census lists in Numbers?
  7. What connection may exist between Josiah’s reforms and Deuteronomy?
  8. On what does Moses reflect in Deuteronomy?  What does he urge the people not to do?
  9. What kind of sermon is Deuteronomy?  What are the circumstances of the sermon?
  10. What are some OT laws that remain in the NT era?  What are some OT laws that are not repeated?
  11. In what way is Deuteronomy an important book for understanding both OT theology and the theological unity of both testaments?
  12. What subtitle might be appropriate for Deuteronomy?  Why?