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Spelling Policy – All Classes

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Effective Monday, September 14, all spelling errors on tests will result in a 1/4 point deduction.

These deductions will be taken for every 4 errors, and for subsequent multiples of 4.

i.e. – 3 errors would result in no deduction; 6 errors would result in a 1 point deduction; 12 errors will result in a 3 point deduction.

Effective Monday, September 14, all spelling errors or formatting problems on submitted reports or journals will result in a 1 point deduction from the 35 possible points.

Improperly formatted headers, file names, or spacing will each result in a 1-point deduction.

Double-spaced entries can receive no more than 25 points out of a possible 35.

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Essentials – Update




Essentials – Questions for 11/24/15

  1. 10 matching
  2. What does Genesis tell us about the Trinity?
  3. What does the rest of the Old Testament tell us about the Trinity?
  4. What does Luke tell us about the Trinity?
  5. What does John tell us about the Trinity?
  6. What does Peter tell us about the Trinity?
  7. What does Paul tell us about the Trinity?
  8. How did the songs we listened to refer to the Trinity?
  9. How important is the Trinity?
  10. How does the Bible discuss the roles of the different persons of the Godhead?
  11. Diagram
  12. 2 Peter 1:20,21